This collection contains many of the work projects completed by resident volunteers

Pond algae removal – conducted multiple days January – June 2021

Turn sign for hole #15 installed along cart path (material donated by resident Bruce Brownfield) – completed on 1/14/2021

Pond algae removal – conducted on 1/4/2021

Pond algae removal – conducted on 12/14/2020

U-turn sign for hole #15 installed on cart path (material donated by resident Bob Johnson) – completed on 12/5/2020

Holiday decorating – completed on 11/30/2020

Pond algae removal device testing – conducted on 11/24/2020

Maintenance building fence repairs – finished on 11/19/2020

Two new signs installed – finished on 11/19/2020

Television and cooler moved in golf pro-shop – completed on 11/19/2020

Landscaping completed near the 14th green area due to coordination and donations from Ken & Susan Smith – finished during September, 2020

Cleaned and sealed golf course fuel point – finished on 8/25/2020

Cleared drain near hole #14 on 8/18/2020

Installed seven no smoking / no vaping signs on 8/1/2020

Repaired westside entry light on 7/14/2020

Cleaned up landscaping in front of the clubhouse walkway on 6/24/2020

Anniversary banner hung on 5/8/2020

No trespassing / no fishing sign installed past the 16th hole on 4/16/2020 (this was replaced with a permanent sign on 11/19/2020)

Today’s course rules and high school teams signs installed on 3/14/2020

Starter hut renovation completed on 2/13/2020

Over 100 mailboxes painted on 1/15/2020

Hole 11 Portajohn wall and landscaping installation on 1/13/2020

Area edged, cleaned, and pressure sprayed behind club house on 1/13/2020

Hole 15 Backstop Installed by Volunteers on 11/21/2019

Hole Distance Markings on the Cart Path Painted by Volunteers on 11/18/2019 

Hole 11 Backstop Installed by Volunteers on 11/6/2019



Stile Cleaning Project

Landscape Project