Can I make changes to my home’s exterior, such as new paint, driveway, or landscaping? How do I get permission to make an addition, such as a pool?

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Does the Savannahs have a program for dealing with wild pigs in the neighborhood and on the golf course?

Wild pigs, one of our local “critters,” are commonly seen in and around the Savannahs. They are nonnative animals and are often guilty of causing considerable damage to private and golf course properties. Sometimes referred to as wild boars, feral pigs were first brought to Florida in the 1500’s by the European settlers and continued to be imported for many years. These pigs were raised semi-wild and were allowed to mix with truly domestic pigs from Europe until the mid-1900’s when free-range pigs became illegal. This practice resulted in a prolific feral and hybrid population of the large animals (males average 200+ lbs, are 3 ft. tall, and 5 ft long and have four large tusks) capable of plowing open wide swaths of turf when feeding. It is legal in the State of Florida to hunt feral hogs, but only with the landowner’s permission. Live pig-trapping is another option for dealing with feral pigs. The Savannahs has a cooperative program in place with a licensed trapper, Jerry Odam, who has placed wire cage traps on Savannahs property. Jerry monitors the traps with the help of Savannahs resident Patrick McHugh. Jerry picks up the trapped pigs and transports them live to private property elsewhere. The program has been successful in controlling the damage from these wild pigs and keeping residents safe. For your safety, if you see a female pig with her piglets, stay well away as they can be very aggressive. If you see a feral hog or experience damage to your property, you can report it to one of our HOA Board members who will contact the trapper.

How can I report a neighborhood problem, such as observing children using a sand trap for their sandbox or kids jumping over golf course mounds on their bikes, or skateboarding on the tennis courts?

For kids playing on the golf course during golf course operating hours the pro shop should be contacted and provided with details of the issue. If it’s after golf hours or does not involve the golf course contact one of the board members and and try to provide as much detail as possible. Especially the identification of the offenders. Then the board can determine a course of action. If the board doesn’t know who the offenders are it will be difficult to take any sort of action.

How do I request an architectural review for a change I want to make to my property?

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I would like to rent the Clubhouse restaurant for a private function. How is that done?

The Clubhouse can be rented for most private functions, such as wedding receptions, family reunions, social gatherings, and similar special events. The Clubhouse would generally not be available during prime golf course play hours for a private event. To inquire about the suitability of the Clubhouse to meet your function’s needs, contact the Clubhouse at 321-455-1375.

I would like to volunteer for small projects or activities to help our community. Who do I contact?

Any Savannahs resident is welcome to join our dedicated group of community volunteers. Volunteers are always needed. There are a myriad of ways you can help, from landscaping projects, to maintaining existing common property, to participating in HOA committees, to supporting golf tournaments and special events, and more. You may donate your time and expertise entirely at your convenience, so if you would like to be considered, please go to our “Volunteer Corner” under the “Get Involved” menu for more information.

I’m confused as to which Volunteer Survey form to fill out.

There are 2 methods of filling out a volunteer survey form.
1) Electronically. The form can be accessed from the Volunteer Corner page. Select the clip board for the form and this will bring up the survey. Fill in the indicated spaces and select your answers to the questions. When you you hit Submit, the form will automatically email your answers to the savannahscommunications@gmail.com. This assumes you have email running from the device you are running the form from.
2) Print the form. Go to the Records and Forms page. Select the form and print it. Fill out the for and leave it in the HOA drop box in the club house.

If your device does not have email or a printer, contact one of the HOA board members by phone (see About page for phone numbers) and someone will get a printed copy of the form to you.

Is the Savannahs’ park and tennis courts open to the public?

With the county reversion of the golf course to the Savannahs HOA in 2018, The Savannahs’ Park, then known as Dolphin Park, became part of the Savannahs HOA common area property. As HOA-owned property it is not technically open to the public. However, the policy of the HOA Board of Directors is that in order to encourage a positive public image about the Savannahs we will allow the public to continue to use the park.

What about trees and shrubs obstructing the sidewalks?

There are a number of places in the neighborhood where tree branches and shrubbery obstruct the safe passage of pedestrians on the sidewalks. It could be quite dangerous at night, in particular. Please inspect your property and make sure your plantings are compliant, and trim them if necessary.

What benefits do homeowners have regarding the golf course and restaurant (e.g., discounts)?

Savannahs homeowners receive a discounted rate on golf course green fees (presently $20 for 18 or 9 holes) and a 10% discount on purchases at the Pro Shop.

What browser(s) is our website compatible with?

thesavannahshoa.com is built using html5. All browsers do not support html5. The website has been tested with the current versions of

  • Google Chrome
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Version numbers for these products vary depending on the environment they run in (ie. PC, Mac, Ipad, phone, etc.). The site is tested annually to the then current version of the above browsers. Prior to raising an issue with how something displays, please ensure you are on the latest software release of your browser.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has mediocre support for html5. Microsoft has provided their last release of Explorer, so support for html5 will not be improving. Therefore, this web site may or may not display correctly should you decided to use Explorer. We highly encourage you to move to one of the other browsers above that has better html5 support.

What happens if the golf course never makes a profit?

The HOA Board of Directors, representing the interests of the 288 Savannahs property owners, works in partnership with the Community Development District to oversee and manage the overall performance of the golf course. Together, the HOA and CDD make financial decisions that determine the amount of investment homeowners will be asked to make in achieving the financial goals of the course. If it becomes apparent that the course will not reach a profitable status, homeowners will be informed and will participate in decisions to determine what comes next. The range of possible futures is quite broad, and may consist of one or a combination of potential options, which could include: homeowners subsidize the course in order to sustain property values; close the course and maintain the green space for community use; sell or outsource the course to a golf course investor/operator; sell the property for development; lease the property for use as a solar farm; and any number of other possible options. Under a revision of Savannahs governing documents currently underway, the decision on the course’s future, should it become a substantial financial burden on the homeowners, will be made by homeowners through majority vote, and in cooperation with Brevard County for zoning changes.

What is the current policy for Savannahs mailboxes? Where can I buy a new one?

Details on the Savannahs mailbox policy is provided at this link.

What is the HOA’s policy regarding dog and cat owners’ responsibilites for their animals.

Pets that are allowed by county ordinance in city communities are also allowed in the Savannahs. Cats and dogs kept by Savannahs homeowners must always be restrained by leashes or fences when outside. Pet owners by law if not simple courtesy are required to pick up after their pets. This is a perpetual issue, and we do hope that you will take it to heart and not leave your mess for a homeowner or their children to discover the hard way.

What is the policy for fishing in Savannahs ponds by residents? By non-residents?

Fishing is not currently allowed in the ponds and lakes throughout the Savannahs, by residents or non-residents.

What is the policy for use of the golf cart pathways by Savannahs residents?

The current policy is that no person is allowed on the golf course except for golfers who have paid to play. Only golf carts rented from the course by players are allowed on the course and its cart paths (i.e., no private carts allowed). The rationale is that in addition to the cart paths being in poor condition for walkers, we want to encourage great experiences for returning golfers and make sure their play is not impeded by having to worry about residents walking the pathways.

The young couple below were good enough to recently illustrate all of our restrictions on use of the golf course cart path. Please remember that (1) it’s not safe to be out when golfers are sending their little white projectiles down range, (2) the cart path is only open to paid customers during golfing hours, (3) dogs are allowed, but only if leashed (clean up any mess), and (4) every disruption of a golfer is a potential customer lost and a hit to our profitability.

What is “Savannahs Communications?” If I want to join, how do I do that?

Savannahs Communications is an email service managed by the HOA BOD’s Communications Committee that was implemented years ago as a means to keep Savannahs homeowners informed on matters pertaining to the community, as well as to receive emails from homeowners who have questions or suggestions or need assistance with community issues. Savannahs Communications email provides the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective means of communication between the two Savannahs management boards (HOA and CDD) and homeowners. If you haven’t already signed up, it’s easy. Just send an email to savannahscommunications@gmail.com with your name and address and request to be added to distribution.

Where can I call to get mosquito control?

General and contact information about Merritt Island mosquito control can be found by clicking here.