About The Savannahs

The Savannahs Community

The Savannahs is some 30 years of age now, but it has not lost any of its central appeal as a community sited in one of the most attractive locations to be found in Brevard County. We love our neighborhood and take great pride in its appearance and unique offerings, like the integrated 18-hole golf course and its expanses of green space, the quiet rural setting adjacent to nature preserves and the neighborhood park and tennis courts. The Savannahs also has ready access to Merritt Island’s active commercial zones.

We have several volunteer committees to help keep our community active and beautiful. There are opportunities to help with short-term projects, committee work, golf tournaments, social activities, and beautification projects. As always, participation at HOA board meetings is encouraged for all to express your thoughts, ideas, and yes, even complaints. This website is your resource for access to lots of good information including, documents, pictures, activities, plans, newsletters, contacts, and much more. Enjoy the virtual visit to our community!


The Savannahs HOA

The Savannahs Homeowners’ Association (SHOA) is managed by a Board Of Directors (BOD) comprised of five Savannahs homeowners who are presently elected on an annual basis, and who serve the community voluntarily. The BOD is responsible for management, direction, and oversight of all activities of the Association, including the Savannahs Golf Club. Since transfer of the golf course to the Savannahs in 2018, the responsibilities of the BOD have grown enormously, and now include management of a business with an annual budget of well over $1M. In executing its expanded responsibilities, the BOD relies on a staff of paid employees and volunteers. The entire organization is depicted in the organization chart available below.


The Savannahs HOA Board of Directors

Savannahs HOA & Golf Course Organization



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Dolphin Park and Tennis Courts

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Dolphin Park is located at the end of Sand Ridge Drive. It is open to residents and their guests from Dawn to Dusk. Although it is an HOA-owned property, the public is also welcome to enjoy the park.

The park has a play structure, gazebo and picnic table. 

  • Please follow the posted park and tennis court rules.

There are two tennis courts.  Each are striped for pickleball. Rules for use are posted on the fence by the gate entering the courts.

The History Of The Savannahs

In June of 1988, real estate developers Brian Bussen & Peter Hayes (a former county administrator) signed an agreement with the Board of County Commissioners of Brevard County, Florida, for a development in North Merritt Island to be called “The Savannahs At Sykes Creek.” As part of the agreement, the two developers stated that they would donate 168-acres of land to the County, who would be responsible for building, developing and operating an 18-hole public golf course of the same name. The agreement, titled “Agreement between The Savannahs at Sykes Creek Inc. and the Brevard County Board of County Commissioner (June 7, 1988),” can be found here.

Construction of the Savannahs property, including the golf course, began immediately after the agreement was finalized. The first homes were sold in 1989 and The Savannahs At Sykes Creek HOA was formally established on December 4, 1989, with the developer initially having majority control. Bussen & Hayes was also given the county contract for development of the golf course, which opened in 1990. Today, all but a few of the 288 lots have been developed. The Savannahs HOA has been in the hands of the homeowners now for many years.

For almost thirty years, the Brevard County Parks and Recreation department operated the Savannahs golf course, which was never able to generate a profit. In May of 2018, the county elected to exercise an option of the original 1988 Savannahs agreement to revert the course and its associated properties to the Savannahs Homeowners Association (SHOA). The golf course, associated waterways, and Dolphin Park (a playground, picnic area, and tennis court) are now the responsibility of the Savannahs HOA.

To enable the Association to borrow funds from the County and receive a tax exemption, a Community Development District (CDD) was formed in 2018. The SHOA retained ownership of the course, and leased it to the CDD. The CDD, was comprised of a 5-member Board of Supervisors (all Savannahs homeowners), who had responsibility for overseeing golf course contracts, operations, and performance. During the 13 August, 2019 CDD meeting the CDD BOS’ voted and were all in favor to turn over all responsibilities for the golf course to the HOA BODs effective 31 August. The Savannahs HOA now maintains the Savannahs Golf Club and all public infrastructure within the community.  For questions pertaining to this change of responsibility please contact the HOA President at president@thesavannahshoa.com

Today, the Savannahs is a beautiful and vibrant golf community, filled with motivated homeowners working together to make the most of the future.